ElasticSearch integration

Details on the integration with ElasticSearch. Automatic indexing changes into ElasticSearch etc.

History SQL2011

Support historical queries query.asOf(timestamp) and versions query.findVersionsBetween() against historic/old versions of the rows. This supports Oracle Total Recall and for Postgres/MySql etc will generate the appropriate history tables, triggers and views.


Postgres and Oracle especially has built in support for storing JSON documents in the database. Ebean has built in support for this included support for query expressions.


Easily convert your entity bean object graphs to/from JSON. Ebean provides JSON marshalling/unmarshalling support taking into account bi-directional relationships, all the supported types (Enums, Joda, Java8) and partially loaded object graphs.

Event Listening

The various options to hook into persist and query events.

Read Auditing

How to use the read auditing feature to log all the read access by the application.

Change Log

Use the built in change log feature to log the insert/update/delete activity of the application. The default implementation logs the events in JSON formatter to a logger.


Uses a second set of tables to provide a "live" and "editing" version of object graphs. Typically this is used when the model is content that can be edited, previewed and published to live.

L2 Caching

Describes the L2 caching feature and how it is configured and used.

JVM Languages

Using Ebean with Kotlin, Groovy and Scala.


Running Ebean in a Cluster.


Monitoring performance, identifying issues such as N + 1 and slow queries.